Bitsy’s First Birthday–Safari Themed Birthday Party




Bitsy’s first birthday party was last weekend.  We had a ton of fun.  We decided to have the party at 3 o’clock–safely after both of her naps so she would be well rested.  We just served light snacks and cupcakes to a small crowd (about 15 people) of our family.    Her favorite toys are a variety of giraffes, monkeys and other safari animals so we did a safari theme for the party.

Over the past couple of months I have been checking sales at Target, Walmart, the Dollar Store and Price Chopper to pick up food and decorations.  Those bargains combined with things we already had helped to make the party budget friendly.  The biggest expense was the food, but even that wasn’t terrible.  We stuck with snacks that would keep and we would eat if there were leftovers.  I also decided to go with cupcakes rather than a big sheet cake.  Since I am gluten free I didn’t want to have a giant cake leftover in the house.  About half of the two dozen cupcakes were eaten at the party and most of the rest were sent home with our guests.

Here are some pictures from the day:



I found these adorable 1st Birthday animal plates and napkins on clearance at Walmart. I displayed plastic cutlery and some of the plates in a picnic basket we already had. I thought it looked like something one might take on safari.


Trail Mix in a safari animal bucket that was on Easter clearance at Target.


These cheetah buckets were on clearance too. I took index cards and wrote safari themed names for the snacks.


Who doesn’t love ants on a log?


I framed up this super cute scrapbook paper to make a sign to show people where all the drinks were.


We had iced tea with lemon ice cubes, lemonade with frozen strawberries, water and soda. Easy peasy!


Bitsy’s Auntie Em is a phenomenal baker. We kept the flavors simple since it was Bitsy’s first time eating cake. Just vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. She had giraffe spots and zebra or tiger stripes to the frosting. I found small plastic safari animals that she used as toppers as well.


We moved her booster seat from a regular chair to one of our breakfast bar stools and decorated it to make a throne fit for a first bite of cake.


The three of us ready to party!


She had a blast hamming it up for all of our guests!