On Going Gluten Free

Today marks 9 months since I completely cut out gluten!

What was meant to be a quick experiment to avoid a new medication turned into quite the lifestyle change for our family.  Long story short, I was sick throughout most of my pregnancy with Bitsy. Everyone chalked it up to the fact that I was pregnant.  After Bitsy was born, instead of getting better, I got worse.  I went through months of appointments with specialists, none of whom could provide any answers or relief.  My good friend Cameron is a dietician.  One day, she suggested I eliminate gluten for a week to see if any of my symptoms improved.  

Within days of cutting gluten completely out of my diet, I started to feel better.  WIthin weeks, all of my symptoms had improved. Now, 9 months later, all of my symptoms are better.  I had been constantly weak and fatigued, suffering from frequent migraines and joint pain, and worst of all, terrible GI symptoms.  Except for 2 instances when I accidentally “glutened” myself, I have not had any of these symptoms since December!  

I have been very fortunate to have some great resources at my fingertips to help me with this transition.  

My friend Amanda has been gluten free for years.  She has a great blog, and has written tips about gluten and being gluten free here

Amanda also told me about a great app to use when shopping.  The ShopWell App has a scanning function where you can scan barcodes right in the store.  When setting up the app you program any food restrictions you have.  The app isn’t just for gluten, so it is handy for anyone who has family members with allergies or sensitivities.  This App was a real game changer for Chris and I.  If we were unsure about a product, we used to spend so much time googling to figure out if it contained gluten.  Now all we have to do is scan the barcode!  

A nurse at my primary care doctor’s office was psyched to hear how much better I was doing sans gluten.  She recommended reading Wheat Belly.  I was so glad that I did.  In the book, Dr. Davis does a great job of making medical issues easy to understand and digest (pun intended).  Wheat Belly explains why more people are developing wheat/gluten intolerances and how eating wheat and gluten effect our body systems.  It’s a great read, if you’ve ever considered going gluten free I’d recommend it!  

It’s important to note that while going gluten free is trendy right now, it is NOT a weight loss plan.  When I decided to cut out gluten, I spoke about it at length with my primary care doctor.  While I haven’t been diagnosed with celiac, my doctor definitely thinks I have a sensitivity to all things gluten.  Symptoms that I have had for years, are gone now.  I am nine months into this change, and I plan on keeping it up for a while!


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