On Not Going Back…Again

I mentioned in a previous post that this has been a tough week.  This was the first week of school for most schools in upstate New York.  Despite sending applications out to dozens of schools and interviewing at a healthy handful, I still don’t have a job as a school counselor.  I wrote about it last year and doubt that I could say it better than I did then.  

Many things have changed in the past year.  We’ve been living in our house for almost a full year.  Bitsy is walking, talking and being a toddler.  I had the privilege to work for a short-term maternity leave at a local high school in May and June.  Chris’ schedule has changed and he now has a semi-normal schedule.  I am now home with Bitsy full-time until I get a full-time job.  I am hopeful that something will come along.  Last year at this time, I hadn’t even had any interviews.  This year, I have had a few.  I’m hoping that the tide is turning and something will come along soon.


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