Sorry for the crickets that you’ve been hearing around here lately!  I can’t believe my last post was on September 25th! Sorry for the long absence, it has been a busy 4 (eek!) months.

So, what have I been up to? 

Tutoring…lots of tutoring! I tutor “homebound” students in my home school district.  When students are out long term due to illness I work with their teachers and school counselors to keep them caught up.  I tutor Social Studies, English, French and Spanish for middle and high schoolers.  There were a ton of students this fall, so I was very busy going to schools and houses for the students.

Babysitting.  Bitsy and I help a family from our church with after school care for their 2 younger children.  Mom and Dad both have busy careers so Bitsy and I pick the kids up from school and hang out with them until their parents get home from work.  She adores the kids and they love reading to her and playing with her!

Housewifery Now that I’m home full time, I have taken over many of the household responsibilities.  Chris still does a ton and is super helpful.  Since I’m home most of the day though, I do the bulk of the cleaning and organizing.  Chris and I sat down and created a weekly cleaning schedule to help us keep up and keep the house clean.  It seems juvenile to some, but has been incredibly helpful to us! Bitsy even has some responsibilities and “helps” with some of the chores.

Job Hunting I am still hoping to go back to work in a school full time.  Each day I search on various job sites or school district websites.  I apply to each and every job for which I’m qualified.  Most of the past few months were pretty dry.  In the past week though I’ve had 3 scheduled interviews with another one to come next week!  Hopefully something will come of one of them!

Growing …a baby that is! That’s right, Baby #2 is on the way.  Bitsy will be a big sister on or around the 4th of July!  We are absolutely thrilled! (well, Chris and I are.  Bitsy doesn’t really “get” it)  The first trimester was ROUGH.  Between all day sickness, extreme exhaustion, and chasing a toddler the first 12 weeks were a major blur. I’m at week 18 now and feeling much better.  In another 2 weeks we will find out if we’re adding a boy or a girl to the mix.

So…there is a very abbreviated version of the past few months.  I have lots of other ideas for posts.  I promise it won’t be another 4 months until I post again!