My husband and I recently celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.  We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant where we had our wedding reception.  It was fantastic, albeit quicker than we would have liked because we had to get home to our 2 month old.  Wait, what? That’s right, our 2 month old.  Our first year of marriage has been full of surprises, starting a mere 4 weeks after the wedding day when I found out I was pregnant.  I would venture to say that absolutely nothing has gone according to what we had planned at pre-cana (Catholic wedding prep).  And that’s the beauty of it all, we make plans, be they grandiose or realistic.  God sees these plans, laughs and shows us what God’s plan really is.  This blog is about our adventures as we live out our lives, sometimes running with joy towards God’s plan and sometimes being dragged kicking and screaming.  But in all we do, we do it in laughter and in love. 


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