One Tired Mama

oof. I am one tired Mama.

In the past month, Bitsy has officially become a toddler.  She is only 14 months old, but she has been on strike from naps and has become quite opinionated! My high school job ended at the end of June, and I haven’t found anything else yet.  So, I am home with Miss Bitsy full time now.  I give so much credit to full time stay at home moms.  It is exhausting!  

Since I am currently without a job (and therefore without an income), Chris has been taking so much overtime.  Each week, he has at least 9 hours of overtime.  9 hours might not sound like too much, but the shifts usually start at 3am.  I am so grateful that Chris is willing to do the overtime for our family.  I am also grateful that he has the opportunity to do it and that any OT he does is very well compensated!  

I am physically exhausted.  But, also pretty emotionally exhausted.  I’ve been really defeated about my job situation.  Unfortunately, getting a job in a school is very political.  Even more unfortunately, people in power are not always ethical in their decision making processes.  

I have some new-found confidence today.  At long last, I have an interview for a PERMANENT position. Not a maternity leave, but a full-time leads to tenure permanent job.  I am so grateful for the temporary jobs that I’ve had, I am ready for this though.  I’ve spent the past few days creating an online version of my portfolio ( for those who are interested) and tweaking the materials that are coming with me to the interview.  

All weekend, I’ve been receiving messages of support from family, friends and former colleagues.  Today, Chris is working overtime, so Bitsy and I have been jamming to some Mandisa ( to get me ready for this afternoon. 

This job might not be “the one,” but, the support I have gotten has helped so much.  I am confident, and ready to own this interview.  Fingers and toes are crossed, prayers are ascending.  Let’s do this! 


Playroom Transformation part 1


When we bought our house, I knew that the downstairs bedroom would become Bitsy’s playroom.  I wanted her to have a space for her toys and books that was NOT in my living room.  The previous owner’s son had used the 
room as his bedroom.  He was a teenager and it showed in the condition of the room.  The walls were dark orange and covered in holes.



Dark orange walls…not good! This is after spackling, you can see some of the places where I had to repair holes.



Throughout the winter, the room was a catch-all.  It was a disaster.  I told Chris that I wanted it to be at least painted before Bitsy’s first birthday.  It didn’t need to be completely finished, but the orange had to be gone.  We spent a lot of time organizing things to clear out the room.  Then we had to really scrub before it could be painted.  Apparently, the young man who used to occupy the room was a smoker.  There was a fine (and gross!) film on the walls and ceilings that we had to wipe down.  One Sunday, Chris devoted the day to painting over the gross orange.


tada! we had an extra gallon of the grey that we used throughout the first floor.  what a relief to have grey instead of orange!

tada! we had an extra gallon of the grey that we used throughout the first floor. what a relief to have grey instead of orange!


Even just that simple color change made a huge difference.  There are great windows in the room but it still felt really dark with the dark color.  The neutral grey brightened things way up.

I was so happy that the orange was gone, but I still had big plans for the walls.  I had all sorts of ideas for a custom mural and bookshelf.  A few days later, I began to tackle the mural during naptime.

More on that later though!

Why Bitsy?

Yes, on this blog I call my daughter Bitsy. No, that is not her real name.   Actually, across social media she is called Bitsy.  My husband and I call her that on all of our pages and ask that anyone who posts about her does the same.  Maybe it’s paranoia, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.  

There are a number of reasons for this.  Here are some:

  1. The world is full of creeps.  I’ll be the first to admit that I watch too much Law & Order, but unfortunately some of that is based in truth.  We didn’t want creeps to be able to google her name and find out about her.
  2. Technology is ever changing. When I was an infant, my parents never could have imagined the technology that we have now.  Can you imagine what technology will exist when Bitsy is my age? Neither can I.  I don’t want Bitsy’s future bosses to be able to find out all about her too easily.  
  3. I’m a mom, sometimes I say embarrassing things.  Sometimes I post embarrassing things too.  I like that the anonymity allows me to say and post things that may embarrass her down the road.  I like being able to crowdsource moms or post things and not worry that she will hate me in 10 years for posting personal information under her name.  

We decided while I was pregnant that we would use a pseudonym on social media.  We didn’t settle on Bitsy until after she was born.  She was a peanut when she was born, and under 6 pounds when she came home from the hospital.  She was Itsy Bitsy…Hence Bitsy!  


Our Bitsy girl, less than 12 hours old!